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People watching

March 30th, 2009 Comments off

Disclaimers: I would never get bored and distracted in class, and I would never fire up a sniffer just to see what’s comin’ over the radio waves.

But if I did both of those things today, here are some of the things my colleagues might have been up to:

  • Facebook (of course)
  • Meebo (I’d never heard of it; looks like something that integrates various IM protocols)
  • A World of Warcraft update
  • Spring Training MLB scores
  • A bunch of NFL stories
  • Weather
  • (a Mafia game available as an iPhone app)
  • Various personal emails (university, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail)
  • Twitter
  • News feeds
  • Music downloads (hmm. No headphones visible…)
  • A bodybuilding forum (eww.)
  • Windows Update (yay!)
  • Blogging on Stacksm- oh wait.

Well, that was mildly fun.  Or would have been, if I did it.

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“Rogue Wireless Gets Sneakier”

March 9th, 2009 Comments off

sherri at philosecurity posts excerpts from a SANS class by Josh Wright on Wireless Ethical Hacking: “Rogue Wireless Gets Sneakier.”

Bad.  Ass.  I also particularly love the wireless port knocking idea.  It puts the “door” into a network backdoor, making it so a Bad Guy’s rogue AP is only active when he wants access.  How would you detect that?  Dogs?  Bees?  Dogs with bees in their mouths?

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