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August 10th, 2009

While I wade through my CISSP study guide and take practice exams, I can’t help but wonder how much useful information I would’ve learned in the past month if I had studied, say, rootkits.  Instead of bullshit.

These people are basically telling me that if I don’t know – off the top of my fucking head, mind you, even though the answer is always a four-second Google search away – details of the token ring standard, and what class of fire extinguisher belongs with what fire, then I can’t possibly be an Information Security Professional.

I just took a practice quiz for a Body Of Knowledge I haven’t started to study yet, just to see how I’d do.  It’s the Application Security section.  I figured it’s the one I’d know offhand more than any of the others, y’know?  Because, I actually work with applications.  And their security.

Nope.  The practice questions were all about Software Capability Maturity Models and Database Design Principles and which features of prototypes are (ISC)2’s favorite.  So I only got 50% of the questions right.  I guess I’m a Certified Information System Security Retard, because the test said so.

I can’t imagine how many people are making money hand over fist just to have their heads up their asses and come up with this.  It’s college all over again.

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