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Scapy crash on Vista / Windows 7

August 7th, 2009

I love Scapy, a Python library that wraps around Pcap and various other things to let you do all kinds of cool network stuff.  I originally got into Scapy because I wanted to do packet forgery and injection in Windows.  It can also do sniffing, modification, and visualization.

Scapy is the sole reason I got started in Python.  For someone familiar with Python, it’s really easy to use; for everyone else, these examples should help.  Scapy requires a bit of setup on Windows, but it’s not too difficult – follow the setup guide here.  Unless you use Vista or Windows 7.

Until recently, Vista/Win7 users suffered some weird crashes in Scapy.  I found a related bug report on its Trac system and added some details to it.  Happily, the smart developer person fixed the bug (see the whole conversation here).  It was in the custom, patched version of pypcap, and he posted a link to a new one.

Update: The setup guide has a link to the correct version now, so everything should be just fine if you follow it.

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