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“Bandwidth Caps Means Bad Security”

June 14th, 2009

Don Franke at the (ISC)2 Blog brings up an interesting point about bandwidth caps: they’ll discourage users from downloading patches.

So customers using bandwidth caps need to be parsimonious with their Internet usage.  Gone are the days of being able to download anything that caught their fancy.  No more movies from iTunes, not so many songs from Napster, and no more huge OS updates.  Wait, what?

This is another reason bandwidth caps are the devil and should never be implemented.  On the other hand, I suppose it could cut down on the number of sites that send 40 AJAX requests for everything you click on.  If web apps get less flashy and chatty and complex, their security would probably improve by default.

Still, they’re the devil and they should never happen.  I’m already paying too much for my bandwidth and not even being allowed to use it how I wish.

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